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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



We will explore the extraordinary life of Noach and his rollercoaster journey in dealing with a chaotic world. Join us as we delve into the humorous side of Noach’s escapades, from his childhood to his renowned role in building the magnificent ark.

  1. Noach and his Childhood:
    Let’s begin our tale with a flashback to Noach’s childhood. Growing up, Noach was quite the mischievous little guy. Legend has it that he would always try to sneak extra helpings of those delicious Garden of Eden apples. Poor Noach, even as a child, he had a knack for pushing the boundaries.
  2. Noach and the Chaotic World:
    As Noach navigated the chaotic world around him, he must have felt like he was playing a never-ending game of dodgeball. Everywhere he turned, there were people engaging in all sorts of debaucheries and shenanigans. Noach would often be caught in the crossfire of arguments, petty thefts, and bad fashion choices. Who could blame him for wanting to make a change?
  3. Noach Builds an Ark:
    Now, this is where the story takes an unexpected turn. Noach is tasked with the monumental responsibility of building an ark to save humanity and all living creatures from a great flood. Can you imagine the hilarity that must have ensued when Noach tried his hand at carpentry? Picture him clumsily hammering nails, constantly getting splinters, and struggling to read the blueprint. It’s a wonder he didn’t accidentally build a treehouse instead!
  4. Noach and his Family on the Ark:
    After successfully constructing the ark, Noach had to gather his family and convince them that living on a massive floating zoo was the best idea ever. It must have been quite the sight to see Noach negotiating with his children and their spouses, trying to convince them that sharing tight quarters with elephants and camels was the ultimate bonding experience.
  5. Noach’s Bond with G-d and the 7 Commandments:
    Once the forty days and forty nights of rain were over, Noach and his family emerged from the ark like a group of bedraggled sailors. But Noach didn’t just save mankind; he also formed a special bond with G-d. As a token of appreciation, G-d presented Noach and his descendants with the 7 Commandments. We’re talking about believing in the One True G-d, respecting human life (sorry mosquitoes), and even living according to the Torah’s divine revelation and social laws. Quite a package deal, if you ask us!

Noach’s journey was undoubtedly one for the books, filled with laughter, adventure, and a whole lot of animals. From his mischievous childhood, to his construction faux pas, to his family’s skeptical but eventually joined adventure, Noach’s story teaches us about the importance of bonding with one another and the divine.

So, dear readers, let’s honor Noach’s legacy by cherishing our own bonds of mankind and finding humor in life’s chaos. After all, sometimes you just need to sail away on a gigantic floating zoo to truly appreciate the madness of the world!

By Efraim van der Vennen

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Note the written story is based on the story of Noah but the various story elements – such as the taking of the apple, for example – are based on fantasy and are not specifically supported by Jewish sources.

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