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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



The Sukkat Shalom Chronicles: A Humorous Take on Parsha and Life

Ah, self-sacrifice – the ultimate act of devotion! We explore how our (spiritual) forefather Abraham taught us the true meaning of going the extra mile (or in his case, the extra ‘bris’ 😉).

Join us as we delve into the heroic tale of Abraham’s willingness to circumcise himself at the ripe old age of 99! Discover the power of self-sacrifice, the profound impact it can have on our spiritual growth, and perhaps even uncover the secret behind why most people don’t throw a party after experiencing their own ‘bris’! (Spoiler: G-d had a hand in it!)

In a world filled with online communities and virtual friendships, it’s easy to forget the value of genuine human connection. But worry not! In this blog post, we take inspiration from none other than the legendary Abraham, the ultimate host with the most!

Find out how this ancient patriarch welcomed strangers like nobody’s business, showing us the significance of hospitality and the incredible impact it can have on our lives. From offering his guests the best camel parking spot in town to whipping up a delicious feast (think Middle Eastern delicacies that even Gordon Ramsay would have drooled over!), Abraham is the true OG of hospitality.

Ever wondered how to be a superstar of faith and virtue, like our beloved Abraham? Well, wonder no more! We dissect the qualities that made Abraham a true role model and provide practical tips on how to channel your inner ‘Abrahamic’ vibes. (Spoiler alert: it usually involves generous servings of ‘chutzpah’!)

From growing an impressive beard to flawlessly nailing that zigzag walk found only in ancient texts, you’ll be well on your way to being the coolest ‘Abrahamic’ figure in your neighborhood. So hop on board as we embark on this hilarious journey of emulating the man who set the standard for us all!

Hey, Noahides! Ready for some more divine commandments? We explore the lesser-known but equally important Seven Noahide Laws, which were repeated to all of humankind at the foot of Mount Sinai, it was the Bond with Noach and his descendants after the Flood, long before Moses became the trendiest guy in biblical fashion.

We’ll take a lighthearted approach to decode these laws and uncover their relevance in our modern society. From “Don’t be a murderer” (seems fairly self-explanatory, right?) to “Don’t eat a limb from a live animal” (sorry, trendy foodies, but this one’s a no-go), you’ll be amazed at how these ancient guidelines can still guide us in our quest for moral excellence.

By Efraim van der Vennen


Chabad Article: 5 Powerful Insights From the Rebbe – Vayeira – Compiled by Mordechai Rubin

Note the written story is based on the story of Abraham but the various story elements – such as the taking of the apple, for example – are based on fantasy and are not specifically supported by Jewish sources.

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