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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



Parents' Corner

The "Why" Stage
Emotional Intelligence
Parenting Hacks
The Secret
The Parenting Pains of Modern Society

Kids' Corner

Crafts with/ for children

Story's for Kids in the age of 4 - 8

Video-Story of the Seven Laws of Noah for Kids in the age of 4 - 8

Link to the books

Shaboom! - Video's for Kids in the age of 3 - 7

How to Make People Feel Welcome
The Best Medicine, visit the sick
Everything Is Amazing!
Get with the Giving

Shazak Parsha Video's for Kids in the age of 10+

Lech lecha

Video's for Kids from Chabad

Mitzvah Island Episode 3 Where Are Sarah and Avi? By Dovid Taub
Mitzvah Island Episode 4 Torah Town! By Dovid Taub
Mitzvah Iland Episode 5 Mitzvah Bird Does a Mitzvah By Dovid Taub
The Story of Yonah

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When raising children, there can be many questions. Questions you would like to discuss with other parents. For this we have a special whatsappgroup. Would you like to join? Send an email to: