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It is nice to say the daily three Psalms during Eloel and until Sukkut. You can certainly also see this as preparation for Rosh HaShanah. The four days before Rosh HaShanah, the following four more Psalms could be said: 32, 62, 75 and 51.

Jewish selichot prayers should not be said by Noahides They possess kabbalistic concepts that do not apply to Noahs.

What one could do is to say the prayer of repentance which can be found in Ask.Noah’s prayer book:

O G-d, I have erred, sinned, and willfully transgressed before You, and I have done that which is evil in Your eyes, especially with the sin(s) of … (state the specific sins or errors).

I am sincerely ashamed of my sins, and I repent and firmly undertake not to do so again. Please G-d, in Your infinite grace and compassion forgive my sins and transgressions and grant me atonement, as it is written in Isaiah 55:7:

“Let the wicked abandon his way and the man of iniquity his thougts; and let him return unto G-d, and He will show him compassion, and to our G-d, for He will pardon abundantly.”

And it is written in Ezekiel 18:23:

“Do I desire at all that the wicked should die, says the L-rd, G-d; it is rather that he return from his ways and live!”

By Angelique Sijbolts

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