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11 Adar 5783 – The postcard

Zaterdag Adar 11 5783 – 4 Maart 2023

Usually I do send email cards when we have been on holiday, not this time. But I did send people a photo from time to time. Upon returning home, however, an “old-fashioned” card was waiting for me in the mailbox, from a niece of mine who had also been on holiday.

But since we were thus away from home for a few days, and the postman had not pushed the card far enough into the letterbox, half of the card had been rained wet. This made it barely legible what she had written.

With great difficulty, I tried to decipher her words. If this was my reaction to a card written by a human being, how much more must I want to make an effort to understand what HaShem has written in His Torah. Wanting to look at it from all sides and ponder it in order to understand it in the best possible way.

As it is written in Deuteronomy 30:20

כִּ֣י ה֤וּא חַיֶּ֙יךָ֙ וְאֹ֣רֶךְ יָמֶ֔יךָ לָשֶׁ֣בֶת עַל־הָאֲדָמָ֗ה

for He (the Torah) is your life and and the life span of your years.

Because for every person, anyone who engages himself in Torah and whose lips speak of Torah and of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, HaShem will protect him with His Presence. This is taught by Rebbe Elazar in reference to Isaiah 51:16

וָאָשִׂ֤ם דְּבָרַי֙ בְּפִ֔יךָ וּבְצֵ֥ל יָדִ֖י

II will put My Words in your mouth and compel you with the shadow of My Hand.

Let’s just take a set moment in the day and ponder some verses from the Tenach and consider what they mean for our personal lives.

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: Sefer Shemirat Halashon geschreven door Chafetz Chayim

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