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15 Adar 5783 – Passing of time

15 Adar 5783 – 8 Maart 2023

Exodus 33:23

“…and you will see My back, but My face will not be seen”.

This chapter of Exodus is one of the most mysterious and difficult in the Torah. Something very profound is clearly being communicated by Hashem to Moses in the aftermath of the Golden Calf debacle.

We often have a hard time understanding the purpose of events in history and in our lives when they occur. Only afterwards, with the passage of time, can we gain some insight into the meaning of these events.

This, according to R’ Moshe Sofer, is what is implied in the verse above. “And you will see My back (literally ‘after Me’). Only after the events are over will you understand the ways of Providence. But My face (literally ‘before Me’), before time has passed, you will not understand them.

Geschreven door Rabbi Michael Skobac

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