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15 Nissan 5783 – Pesach

In the year 2448, the people went out of Egypt – which means this year is the 3335th time it is Passover. Each year brings us closer to the eventual Redemption, the time when Hashem will bring the Moshiach.

The people pulled out of Egypt and the people were thus given the status of free people. This freedom from Egypt was the beginning of the total freedom of the world for humanity.

For the world as a whole

When the Moshiach will be there, he will teach the people about HaShem and provide awareness and knowledge about G-d. This awareness and knowledge will result in Universal worship of G-d. As a result, wickedness and sin will no longer take place. As a result, there will be peace and harmony in creation. After which, after a certain period of time, sickness and death will cease and the dead will be raised.

Not only for mankind but also for you

Passover is the realisation of personal liberation, liberation from everything that binds a person, everything that enslaves a person. Letting go of old habits, customs, and knowing that today is the day to make a new beginning.

Passover is not the end point, it is the beginning of growth and development. Thus the beginning of the omer count. Noahides do not have the obligation to count the Omer, but it is a mitzvah that one can voluntarily undertake. There are seven basic emotions, when there is a disturbance in these emotions there is disharmony and and form of bondage. To refine and improve yourself as a human being, it is good to briefly reflect on the seven emotional traits every day during the Omer.

Let us all refine and improve ourselves, that the world may become a better place because of this, that Moshiach may come today.

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: Wat is de betekenis van de Messias voor Noachieden

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