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Mitsrayim in many forms.

The Story of Pesach

The story of Pesach teaches us about freedom and bondage. The slavery however never truly ended, in fact these days the number on variety of ways in which one can be in bondage are severely high, and freedom has become a very perplexing issue. To find freedom, you truly have to become yourself.

The Higher self

We have an animal soul, the Nefesh Behamit and a Higher soul, the Nefesh Elokit. Being our higher self leads to freedom while the lower self allows bondage in our lives. Feeling the need to please others, follow the crowd, mainstream, state or any other group, is one of the greatest dangers that lead to the enslavement of peoples minds,the subjugating to the will of others against your conscience, to be a part of, or to be found righteous for ethical reasons based on manmade wisdom that lacks G-dliness.

Albert Einstein said:

“Blind obedience to authority is the greatest enemy of truth”

that’s a great example which applies to a numerous amount of people who are blindly imprisoned by their obedience.

The Message

The core message of what Hashem did for the Jewish people, taking them out of Mizraim, is the way he made them entrensically free, showing there is no power in the world, other than the power of Hashem, so this must be our point of focus, our authority, and anything that leads away from that path should be denied and done away with.

Tikkun Olam

May we all find the right balance, by working on Higher self, mastering the Lower Self, tipping the balance so we may effect Tikkun Olam, fixing the World.No more false democracy or any other nonsense, only Theocracy, Hashem as king,worshipped by all mankind.

By Yoeri Schepens

Sources: Albert Einstein.

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