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13 PRINCIPALS OF FAITH – One Creator and Leader

13 Principles of Torah-based Faith that were enumerated by Rambam (Maimonides):

1. I fully believe that G-d is the One Creator and Leader of all that was created and came to be, is coming to be, and will come to be.

The Rambam has articulated this first point beautifully. It is Hashem who created everything – without exception – out of pure grace. He did not need to do so, for there is nothing that is lacking or in need of Him.

Belief in One G-d is linked to the first Noachid prohibition of idolatry. It is the rejection of any other entity (that exists or that one invents in one’s imagination) as a possible source or co-source of something that exists. It is the recognition that He is the only One who has Authority over creation and our lives and the Only Source for blessings.

By Angelique Sijbolts

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