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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



13 Principles of Torah-based Faith that were enumerated by Rambam (Maimonides):

6.I fully believe that all that the prophets (of G-d) proclaimed is true.

It is the belief that G-d connects and communicates with us through true prophets, through which we learn His intended world plan.

A prophet did refine himself to the point that his will follows G-d’s will and he has unified himself with the Godly purpose and life-force imbued in him – he and these higher dimensions of his existence become one. The prophet becomes a proper vessel to reveal the Godly image within himself, therefore G-d will open for him true thoughts and correct knowledge.

When a prophet receive a message from G-d for the world then he receives specific words. There is no room for his own words, the free will of a prophet is eliminated during the moment of prophecy, making him a direct channel from G-d to mankind.

The Talmud (Megillah 14a) says that the count of Prophets – who had a message with lasting value for future generations – was: 48 male and 7 female Prophets.

Like Abraham and Sarah, Samuel and Chanah and de greatest prophet of all Moses.

If a prophet brings a positive message and it does not come true, it is a false prophet. A negative message can change because people can always repent, as in the story of Nineveh

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: Dasberg Sidur, The Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge. Page. 42, Chabad Article: 5183322 4058906, List of the Prophets

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