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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



13 Principles of Faith of Rambam

3. I fully believe that G-d is non-corporeality,, He possesses no bodily functions and that of Him no representation is possible.

G-d in His true existence is not limited by anything, therefore He is not under the influence of time – He has no beginning, end, or age – and space – there is no before, beside, to the left or right of Him.

Because He is not under the influence of time and space, He does not change, nor does His knowledge change.

Yet Tenach uses human language like: “the hand” or “eye” of G-d. She speaks of G-d being “angry” or “happy.” She does this to make G-d somewhat understandable to us. G-d does not have a physical hand, but as our hand can give, so G-d gives.

Because He is incorporeal, it is impossible to make an image or representation of Him. Any image or representation limits Him Who is limitless. The making of an image can easily lead to the worship of G-d through the image, which can very easily lead to the worship of the image itself, which then degenerates into an idol. Worshiping an idol, or a mediator, is connected to the Noahide prohibition of idolatry.

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: Dasberg Sidur and the Divine Code

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