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The Obligation to Honor his Creator – What did G-d commanded Adam?

The Obligation To Honor His Creator

Or the prohibition of blasphemy

In Genesis 2:16 we read: “And HaShem G-d commanded [upon] Adam…”

This means that G-d commanded His Divinity and authority upon Adam. The three meanings of this statement are:

1 “I’m G-d; do not exchange Me”- for another god: the prohibition of idolatry.

2 “I’m G-d; do not curs Me”: the prohibition of blasphemy.

3 “I’m G-d; the fear of Me shall be upon you”- being the obligation to fear G-d.

Fearing G-d is a part of the general commandment to guard one’s self against committing blasphemy.

In Leviticus 24:15 we read: “Anyone who blasphemes G-d shall bear the guilt”.

If we want to specify the prohibition of blasphemy, it is about cursing G-d or any of His attributes with any of His own divine names.

Faith in G-d Who makes all things by the Word of His mouth, who governs all things and guides all things, the One True Creator and King of all creation, deserves only to be praised and adored by His creatures. We need to focus on our prayers to Him, reading Torah and other fundamentals of faith.

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: The Divine Code

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