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Home » The obligation to honor his Creator – What did Abraham teach his guest?

The obligation to honor his Creator – What did Abraham teach his guest?

The Obligation To Honor His Creator

Or the prohibition of blasphemy

The opposite of cursing one of the Names of G-d is to bless G-d.

When a person comes to recognize that G-d is the Creator of everything and makes everything constantly exist, he will feel the greatness of G-d and want to thank Him for everything he receives from Him.

When a person prays before G-d, and when he wants to bless and thank G-d – e.g., to thank Him for his food, for his life, for his recovered health, or for a miracle that was done for him – he should direct his mind and speech to say verses from the Hebrew Bible, or he should praise G-d in a way of honoring His blessed Name. With this manner of prayer, G-d’s Name will be glorified. It was Abraham’s custom to teach all the people of the world that it is proper to thank and bless G-ds Name, and not to assign this level of honor to any other presumed power or any created being.

“and there he [Abraham] proclaimed the Name of G-d, G-d of the universe”

Let’s take this example from Abraham and G-d for the food we receive in a way and manner that our environment sees and hears. And let’s at least say the short version for Grace after meals:

Blessed is the G-d of the Universe, from Whose bounty we haven eaten

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: Dasberg Sidur, the Divine Code and Prayers for Noahides; Community Services and Personal Worship

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