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Go the Extra Mile

Develop yourself to the best of your ability

After Adam had eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, G-d asked: Where are you? Not that G-d did not know, but He asked as it were: Adam where are you in your development?

It is the question that G-d is asking us in these days? How was the past year? What did you do well and what can be improved? Where are you in your development to become your best you?

If we think about that question and take stock of the past year, we will certainly discover areas for improvement. Points that we want to improve and strengthen in the coming years.

G-d is Merciful and if we see our points of improvement and resolve to grow in them, He will forgive us and help us to improve.

G-d forgives and helps us with His 13 attributes of Mercy. Which we can find in Shemot 3:6.

There are 13 attributes of Mercy and not 12 because G-d transcends the natural order. This is in contrast to the 12 which is bound to our natural order. Think for example of the Zodiac.

In Hebrew the word of dozens is Trishar תריסר and in Aramaic you have the word Tlishar תליסר, which does not mean 12 but 13. The difference between the two words is that the resh changes into a lamed. The lamed is the only letter that stands out above all other letters.

G-ds Mercy of 12 stands out above everything else we can understand. His Mercy is so great that it is beyond our understanding.

G-d – to put it in an inaccurate way – goes the extra mile when it comes to His Mercy.

So should it be with our Teshuva. We should try to make that extra effort to give our Teshuva – especially in the month of Elul – even more depth. In order to improve and strengthen our walk of life.

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: Likutay Torah – Elul – the Power for Teshuva

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