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Grandma Is More Important Than A Clean Sofa

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When grandma comes for coffee, half of it is on the saucer and the crumbs from the cake are more on the sofa than she has eaten. Grandma’s hands are not as steady as they used to be, and the shaking makes it difficult to eat and drink everything neatly.

Anne is very annoyed, and suggests to her mother that next time she should let Grandma drink from a sippy cup, and give her a big saucer for the cake.

Mother says that this would be humiliating for her mother, and that she would gladly clean up the mess. The mess that she herself made as a baby during meals and that her mother cleaned up.

We sometimes grumble at people who make a mess, but if people can’t do anything about it, we shouldn’t embarrass them and just clean it up afterwards.

When children make messes, we are sometimes quick to get angry or irritated. But children often make messes because they are not very good motorists, or because their minds are elsewhere. If they make a mess, we shouldn’t get angry. Instead, we should calmly clean up the mess together with them and speak to them in a calm tone of voice that next time they should be more attentive so that accidents do not happen. Accidents don’t feel good and they certainly don’t feel good when people start grumbling.

We should always let people know that they are more important than the things they make dirty.

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: Inspired by Positive Word Power day 75

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