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Study Bears only Fruit with Right Thoughts, Speech and Deeds

Develop yourself to the best of your ability

Before praying to G-d, it is good to realise Who you are facing and how great that distance is due to thoughts, speech and actions that are not in accordance with His will. When we remember that before we pray and it brings us to teshuvah – repentance – to G-d, it will break our materialistic nature, which will intensify and enrich our prayer. Our prayer will make us connect deeply with G-d and as a result our thoughts, speech and actions will change in such a way that they are in line with His will. This will result in everything we learn either Torah or Chassidut becoming better ingrained in our hearts.

For we can learn so much Torah and Chassidut, if it does not become one with our thoughts, speech and deeds, our study has little to no value. Every word we speak to others about Torah or Chassidut with a heart that is truly focused on and connected to G-d will bear fruit, but any knowledge we have and our thoughts, speech and deeds show the opposite, breaks down any merit we have gained from study.

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: Tract on Prayer Sefer Shemirat HaLashon

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