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Simply being there

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Someone once asked Rebbe Nachman, “When I’m praying and I mention Hashem’s holy name, what profound thoughts, what deep intentions, shoud I have in mind?

“Isn’t the simple meaning – G-d- enough for you?!” the Rebbe answered.

G-d is an absolute and unparalleled unity, without corporeality, nor is He affected by any physical events, such as movement, or rest, or dwelling. In short G-d is unlimited, how could we with our limited intellect come to a proper understanding of G-d.

We can philosophise about these aspects of G-d. But philosophy does not lead to a relationship with G-d.

What does lead to a relationship with G-d? Looking for flashes of His Presence in your life. This can be by marvelling at the beauty of nature. By events that happen to you. By realising that your life, your body, creation is a miracle. A miracle that comes into being every day.

It is developing our intuition to discover G-d everywhere.

Should we think about all these things before we go into prayer? It will be a good tool to reach out in prayer. Should we think about this during prayer? It is good to thank and praise Hashem for all the miracles that happen to you.

But sometimes it is enough to just “be there” in prayer. Saying nothing but crawling on Hashem’s lap, as it were, and feeling His embrace. Just simply being together.

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: Het Heilige in het Alledaagse by Alan Morinis, Crossing the Narrow Bridge by Chaim Kramer

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