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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



3 To fear G-d [1]

Fear of G-d as one of the foundations of faith raised the question in my mind, “why fear of G-d?” There are different types of “fear”, let’s look at them. I don’t want to be afraid of G-d at all and indeed there is no reason to be afraid at all. How can you be afraid of Him who loves you and has your best interests at heart? Let’s look at the 3 different types of fear.

1 Fear of Punishment

Realising that G-d sees everything, hears everything and knows everything can lead a person to live correctly. He knows not to steal, but he does so not because he knows it is wrong or because G-d does not want him to, but because he is afraid of being punished. This should not be the fear a person has of G-d.

2 Fear Out of Awe

When we look around and admire creation knowing that everything was created by G-d through His Word and that His Word sustains creation every second, awe for G-d arises. It is knowing that wherever you are, whatever you see or hear, all is His work. But also the realisation that He is always with you, that whatever happens to you and happens to you is also in His hands. That everything happens for the better. It makes you want to do good because you recognise His Greatness.

3 Fear Out of Love

This fear arises as we increasingly realise that everything G-d does is out of love, that He is our Father and that we are all His children. The more you get to know Him, the more you learn to love Him. This love for G-d should and can grow into a love that is completely selfless. A love that is pure and sincere. The fear related to this is the fear of distance, of separation. When you do something that is not in accordance with G-d’s will you turn away from Him, and walk away from Him, as it were.

Let us develop all a fear of love for G-d that draws us closer and closer to Him.

By Angelique Sijbolts

Sources: [1] The Divine Code p. 33, Are We Supposed to be Afraid of G‑d? (I), What’s Up With Fear of G‑d?

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