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Vacation by the Sea with Grandpa

For weeks Daniel had been looking forward to the vacation.
He would go camping in the dunes with Grandpa.
They drove there in Grandpa’s car and had set up the tent together in the afternoon.
That had been a lot of work. Daniel was proud of his work. It had become a beautiful tent.

After all that work, he and Grandpa had had a glass of lemonade and they had swum in the sea together.

In the evening, Grandpa made a campfire. In it they roasted the sausages Mom had provided and ate the sandwiches and salad Grandma had provided.

Then it was time to go to sleep. Daniel crawled into his sleeping bag, nice and warm. He soon fell asleep.
At night, Daniel woke up. He heard the sea. Was it getting closer, what if the water ran into the tent? He heard some clattering, what was that? He heard some squeaking, was it an animal? All these sounds scared Daniel. Daniel started crying and Grandpa woke up.

What is it Daniel?
I am scared.
Why are you scared Daniel?
The sea is so close.
The sea can’t come here.
I’m still scared Grandpa.
What else are you afraid of Daniel?
I hear some rattling.
It’s the ropes of the tent.
I’m still scared grandpa.
What else are you afraid of Daniel?

Of the squeaking.
It’s owls in their nest Daniel.
Shall we go look?

Daniel thought that was scary, but together with Grandpa he dared.
They stood in the dark in front of the tent.
But it was too dark, they couldn’t find the nest.

Tomorrow morning we’ll go look, Grandpa promised.
Now you can sleep in the sleeping bag with me.
Daniel wanted that.
He felt safe and fell asleep.

The next morning Daniel went outside to look for the nest.
Together with Grandpa, he found it in the tree next to the tent.

I’m happy Grandpa, Daniel said.
What are you happy about Daniel?
For the light, now I can see everything, and I am not afraid.

Then for the light we can say “thank you to G-d”. Why to G-d grandpa?
When G-d went to make the world, He hovered over the water. He saw that it was good to make light and then He made it.
That’s fine grandpa, because in the light I’m not afraid.
Good boy, now let’s enjoy making the sandwiches for our new day.

Story by Angelique Sijbolts
Coloring page created by Judith
Mp4 Dutch: Spoken by Efraim van der Vennen

MP4 English: Spoken by Kimberley

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