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A Rainy Day

The rain fell down in thick drops.

Large puddles appeared on the street and on the field.

Gaby and Xavi were supposed to play outside together today.

But Gaby’s mom didn’t want to ride her bike in the rain.

Now Xavi was alone.

Inside, in the living room and he was bored.

Mommy do you want to play?

Later Xavi I have to…

Daddy do you want to play?

Soon Xavi I have to…

Even Bobo the dog and Simka the cat didn’t want to play.

Bobo was sleeping in his basket.

Simka was lying on the windowsill.

Xavi went to stand in front of the windowsill bored.

He looked through the window.

On the window, raindrops rolled down.

The drops are playing tag, Xavi thought.

He followed two thick drops with his eyes.

Who would win?

One drop rolled hard and tapped the other, and then….

Hey thought Xavi, now there’s only 1.

He looked at the other drops and each time one drop “ate the other”.

Grandma came into the room with her rain boots on.

Grandma, asked Xavi, is all the water sticking together? Grandma looked at the window.

Yes, water droplets like to get bigger. They want to be 1 big water drop.

Grandma, why do you have your rain boots on? I wanted to go outside, are you coming?

Xavi got a little scared.

It wasn’t so long ago that he went under in the pool.

All that water around him was not nice.

It had scared him.

Scared that he couldn’t breathe.

Nope swimming, Xavi didn’t like that much.

What if all those raindrops became 1 big drop.

What if he couldn’t breathe outside.

Grandma understood what Xavi was thinking. No, outside the world will not become 1 big drop of water.

When G-d was making the world, there was a lot of water. Water above and water below. Like the drops of water, they were one big drop of water. But G-d made separation between water and water. That’s how He made the air. Air for us humans to breathe. Air to walk in, air to play in. Xavi thought that was very clever of G-d. Because to have to swim like a fish all day, that didn’t seem so fine to him.

By now it had become dry. The puddles glistened in the sun. He wanted to splash in them.

Can we do that grandma?

Sure Xavi, come put on your boots.

And together they walked out the door,

into the nice clean washed world.

Story by Angelique Sijbolts
Coloring page created by Judith
Mp4 Dutch: Spoken by Efraim van der Vennen

MP4 English: Spoken by Kimberley

© Copyright, all rights reserved. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further.

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