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G-d is Everwhere – but I’m not

20 Sivan 5783 – 9 June 2023

Yaakov-Yitzchak, who would later be known as the “Seer” of Lublin, would regularly run away from his school as a 3 year old. His teacher would punish him, but one day decided to follow the child into the forest instead.

He saw young Yaakov-Yitzchak stop by a tree and shout, “Shma Yisrael! Listen, Israel – Hashem is our God!” Upon seeing this, the teacher no longer punished him when he left school.

But his father demanded to know why he would go to the forest. “I’m looking for God,” said the child. “But isn’t God everywhere?” his father asked. “He is – but I’m not,” the Seer replied.

By Rabbi Michael Skobac

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