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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



We live in an era of people looking for justice and humanity. Wars, poverty, and the division of human beings have brought us to a drastic search for solutions that can put every single human being in an equal position. Are we capable of defining what’s humane? How do we know what’s righteous? What are the standards for the morally defined laws to live up to? People are very easily influenced, the culture in India or China for example, think very differently about many things than we do in the West, likewise, Iraq, Iran, and Russia, all have different views on different issues that should determine what’s just and humane. Time seems to change our view on what’s right and just, if we are honest with ourselves we can conclude that we haven’t even got a clue, it’s pure stupidity to think that you know what’s right and just simply because you were born in the west at the right time in what’s soon to be history. Sociopathic leaders create woke agendas abusing the goodwill of those in search of a better world causing whole herds of people to fall for the trickery leading us into the most ungodly belief system ever.

Should we trust the governing system?

In 2020/5780 a society that kills millions of babies a year for convenience shut itself down under the guise of humane reason, it was all for the greater good preventing adults from dying, people that on the one hand slaughter babies in the womb by the millions were now preaching to the masses about the sanctity of human life in a two doctrine policy, for the initiated and uninitiated, of the inner circle and another for the masses. When the government shuts down millions of small businesses and then doesn’t lay off any government employees, it’s not about health or righteousness. They claim to really care about public health care, but they don’t care if people eat garbage like GMOs, drink poison, smoke cancer and take prescription drugs, claiming that toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and cheap open masks could protect people from a real pandemic. Now that is what I call a special kind of stupid, you have to ask yourself a couple of basic questions. When did you switch consent from a created government to serve you, to you serving the ruling government? If you want to know who’s in charge, just think about who you can and who you can’t criticize behind the scenes. There are the pharmacists and globalists, creating more division through woke agendas and paralyzing the people with the fear of climate change and loads of other nonsense, they are untouchable to us, but not to Hashem.

Hashem is in control

As wicked as their plans may be, and how messed up people’s ideas have become by indoctrination through media, all is for the good, and nothing happens without Hashem letting it. The movement towards the chase for righteousness will lead to a sign of end times and will eventually lead to the messianic era, and everyone will know the one and only authority. Righteousness doesn’t change through culture or time, Torah which is far more than just a set of books that was given on Mount Sinai, not only for Jews but for the whole world, is a graspable state of Hashem. It is like how water can be vapor, ice, or snow, Hashem is in the shape of a manual, one that holds true righteousness for all of humanity. Judaism is all about how we should include people, not exclude them.

Liberals claiming to be humane

As a chairman of AA, Hashem is often mentioned within the 12-step program, policy in the group is to respect different opinions, religious or other beliefs like atheism. I always tend to speak in a way that all participants can find themselves included, the higher power that helped one to a life of sobriety can be experienced as Hashem, the group itself, one’s own willpower, whatever the individual feels to have done it, that’s fine as they all come there for the same purpose. I experience that as very uniting, as Judaism and kabbalah teach me to look for likeness in my fellows, the more they differ the greater the effort to do so, this place is an easy one for that task, however, I often experience a great theatrical counter-throttle from certain participants. While I mention the creator, I see their faces twist, it is always those who shout the loudest, to be happy with a humane society, in private, and in work and family ties, I see the obvious aversion towards Hashem, to compensate the inner knowledge of being disempowered by the one and only true subject Hashem, they rebell to empower themselves, always coupled with the thought of possessing humane justice itself, liberals respecting all humans that follow different agendas except for the ones that follow Hashem. These people need extra love from us, I see a great opportunity for growth in which I have to search for likeness in every single human being, as just a fellow cell to the organ, they need us to love them not debate them which will only increase their desire to rebel.

Most Illnesses are of a spiritual kind

Take cancer for example, it is nothing more than a cell of the body rebelling against the system/organ, it affects other cells, tries to kill the system, and dies along with it, the same can be said of a human rebelling towards its creator, he or she becomes an infected cell of the organ, taking along others and dies. We have to try and be kind and gentile towards these people and show them what Torah is all about by our actions, the crimes and lies committed under the guise of religion have created a false image of what Hashem and Torah are all about, we have work to do.

By Yoeri Schepens

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