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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



18 Tishrei 5784 – 3 October 2023

Rabbi Mordechai Neschiz was extremely poor and had to save pennies all year in order to purchase an esrog for Sukkos. One year, on his way to buy his esrog, he met someone who was weeping bitterly.

This man had been making a modest income by hauling things with his horse and wagon had just seen his horse die that day. He now had no way to support himself. Rabbi Neschiz immediately gave him all the money he had saved to buy an esrog to enable him to purchase a horse.

Then, Rabbi Neschiz looked up and said: Master of the Universe, this year all other Jews will fulfill the commandment of taking four specied on Sukkos with an esrog – I will do so with a horse!

By Rabbi Michael Skobac

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