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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



In a time long ago, when the land was gripped by drought and the fields lay parched and barren, the people cried out for rain. The scorching sun beat down mercilessly, and the rivers had all but run dry. It was a desperate hour, and their hearts were heavy with worry.

In the midst of this arid despair stood a righteous man, known as Ḥoni HaMe’aggel. He was a humble figure, a simple man, yet he possessed a profound connection to the Divine. The people turned to him, their faces etched with anxiety, and implored, “Pray, Ḥoni, beseech the heavens to send us the rain we so desperately need.”

Ḥoni, with a heart full of compassion, raised his eyes to the vast expanse of the sky and said, “I hear your pleas, dear people. But know this, the rains that are destined to come will not be gentle. They will descend in torrents, and our homes and possessions may be washed away. Go, gather the clay ovens used to roast the Paschal lambs, protect your livelihood, for a great deluge is upon us.”

The people hurried to obey Ḥoni’s wise counsel, and they secured their ovens from the impending rainstorm. But as they waited for the skies to open up, no drops fell. It was as if the heavens remained silent to their pleas.

Undaunted, Ḥoni, with unwavering faith, drew a circle in the dusty earth and stood within its confines. With tears in his eyes, he turned his gaze upward and spoke, “Master of the Universe, I am but a humble member of Your household. I make an oath by Your great name that I will not step outside this circle until Your mercy reigns down upon Your children. We seek not destruction but sustenance, not adversity but abundance.”

Suddenly, the heavens responded, but the rain came down in small, cautious drops. Ḥoni was resolute, for he had asked for torrents to fill the cisterns and the land’s reservoirs. He yearned for a rain of benevolence, a blessing that would nurture the earth and its inhabitants.

In response to his fervent prayer, the skies opened wide, and the rains fell generously. The land drank deeply, and the people rejoiced. Yet the downpour did not cease. It cascaded from the heavens without relenting, and the streets of the city turned into rivers.

Desperate to stop the seemingly endless rain, the people returned to Ḥoni and pleaded with him. “Ḥoni, just as you prayed for the rain to fall, we now beseech you to pray for it to stop. Our homes are threatened, and the relentless rain may wash away all we hold dear.”

Ḥoni pondered their request and responded, “Before I pray for the rain to cease, go and see if the Claimants’ Stone, the marker of lost and found articles, still stands within the city. If the waters have not yet washed it away, it is not yet time to halt the rains.”

The people followed his guidance, and upon finding the Claimants’ Stone steadfast, they knew that the heavens had heard their cries. They returned to Ḥoni, and once again, he drew his circle. With a heart full of gratitude, he prayed for the skies to close.

As the people watched in awe, the rain slowed and eventually ceased. Their land had been quenched, and the perilous floods did not consume their homes. In Ḥoni HaMe’aggel, they had witnessed a humble yet mighty intercessor who bridged the gap between heaven and earth, reminding them of the power of faith and the blessings of a benevolent sky.

A free adaptation of Taanit 19a 6-9 as a supplement to the blog: PARSHAT TOLDOT – DIVINE INTERVENTION THROUGH PERSISTENT PRAYER AND REPENTANCE

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