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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



Wisdom on Trusting G-d’s Timing”

Rabbi Nachman teaches,

Have faith that G-d will help you and provide you with what you need. Those supporting a family frequently lack sufficient income, clothing and other needs. One person may lack a simple garment; someone else may feel that he needs fine clothing and mansions.

Wait for G-d’s help! Don’t press the hour, insisting that all your needs must be satisfied immediately. Wait until G-d shows mercy.

If I were impatient when I need something, insisting on having it at once, I would have to borrow money and go into debt. Then I would have to wander around and travel in order to earn enough to repay my debts. I would be just like the many others who have to travel for this reason.

Understand this well: Learn to live within your means. Everyone is constantly in need of all kinds of things: this applies even to the very wealthy. It is best to be satisfied with a minimum and to run your household according to your means at the time.

You may imagine that your wife and children need clothing. Indeed they may need it very badly. Even so, don’t press the hour and take loans or buy on credit. Wait until the time is ripe, when you are able to pay for what you need.

It is better to endure privation than to fall into debt. This applies to food, and all the more so to clothing and housing. It is better to be in debt to yourself and your family – to owe them the clothing – than to be in debt to the storekeeper.

In everything connected with making a living you must wait until the time is ripe. For “The eyes of all are to You, and You give them their food in its time ” (Psalms 145:15) .

Sichot Haran #122

With permission taken over from: Daily Dose Of Rabbi Nachman

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