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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach




There are sparks of light hidden in this world. Some, you can find and release. When you accomplish “Conoce a Di-s en todos tus caminos”, finding Him in everything you do, those sparks jump out on you and their light is released. But there are also sparks of much intensity that should be hidden in the bad. The profound entrails of the material world and enclosed in thick darkness. These are sparks that cannot be discovered by an ordinary search: Your intellect has no power to face them. Your actions could never dig so deep. Your eyes would be blinded by their brightness and by the depth of the darkness that surrounds them. The tools to release these sparks are the ones that trascienden your intellect and your senses. These are the inner powers that reveal themselves when your inner will is tested.

By Rabbi Tuvia Serber


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