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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach



Rabbi Nachman teaches,

G-d shows us great kindness by governing the world with individual providence and through the laws of nature. When people are good, G-d deals with them providentially, in a way that goes beyond nature. However if G-d were to oversee the life of an undeserving person in accordance with His providence, no good could ever reach him. Nevertheless, out of kindness, G-d leaves this person to the laws of nature, and as a result, through the law of averages, things may then go well for him.

If G-d’s only way of running the world were through providence, rewarding good deeds and punishing sin, this could lead to a total breakdown of providence. For if G-d were to see someone acting im­properly and dealt with him in anger, He might cast him out completely. Instead, G-d abandons him to nature, and when he improves his ways, He deals with him providentially.

But in actual fact, we are quite unable to understand what is “nature” and what is “providence”, because the truth is that even the laws of nature are really G-d’s providence. However, the human mind is unable to grasp the paradox that what appears to be the law of nature is really G-d’s providence.

Likutey Moharan II, 17

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With permission taken from: Daily Dose Of Rabbi Nachman

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