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Sukkat Shalom B'nei Noach




Category 1 – Subcategory Injury

Peter used to play in a great football team, but gradually, more and more boys who were not kind joined. During matches, they intentionally hurt the other boys from the opposing team. They cursed at the referees, and even the people on the sidelines heard unpleasant words. In the beginning, Peter used to say something about it, but the boys didn’t listen, and during training, he even got kicked by one of his former friends occasionally. Peter didn’t know what to do. This was his football club, where he had been going with joy for years, but he didn’t enjoy it anymore. Could he still continue playing in this club, and if so, how? His father watched it all with sadness; he regretted that Peter had ever joined this football club, but who could have foreseen this would happen? The father knew that the other boys would never change, and their behavior would only get worse. One day, Peter’s father said, “Peter, I think it’s time to leave this soccer club. Let’s go to a new club where we feel more at home.” The father’s choice was understandable. It was a difficult decision to leave the old club, but he wanted to protect his son and provide a better environment. So they went together to a new football club where hopefully the atmosphere would remain good.

Was it a good idea on father’s part for Peter to leave the football club?

The ethical question that arises here pertains to the balance between personal integrity, respect for life, and taking responsibility for the choices we make. Specifically, there are the following ethical considerations:

Respect for life: In the context of the story, it involves the well-being and safety of players, referees, and spectators. Is it ethically responsible to continue being part of a team where the behavior of some members causes harm to others and shows a lack of respect for the lives and health of others?

Personal integrity and moral responsibility: Peter is faced with the choice of whether or not to remain in an environment where he feels uncomfortable and where values such as respect, fair play, and integrity are violated. Is it ethically responsible to prioritize personal integrity and moral responsibility over membership in the soccer club?

Parental responsibility: Peter’s father feels responsible for the safety and well-being of his son. Is it ethically responsible for parents to decide to keep their children away from a harmful or unethical environment, even if it means breaking away from something their children have enjoyed for years?

The ethical question in this situation revolves around respect for life, both physically and emotionally, and how individuals should act when confronted with an environment that contradicts these fundamental values. The father’s decision to protect his son and move to a more respectful environment emphasizes the importance of respect for life and personal integrity.

By Angelique Sijbolts

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